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Social Media

Is your brand visible on social media? Make sure the utilized channels are garnering the most for your literal and labor bucks. Learn how to use advertising dollars to target existing loyal customers, and acquire new ones. Learn More


New device or software giving you trouble? Looking to enhance the skills you already have with certain programs? Let AP Tech teach you how to become more efficient and simplify the complicated use of software. Learn More

Marketing Consultation

Do you have a marketing plan? New customer acquisition goals? Just as we all have our own learning styles, we all have our own shopping habits. Make sure your marketing plan covers everyone's preferred way to access your offerings. Learn More


Having a website for your business does not have to be expensive, or complicated. Learn your options and let AP Tech help build and design a website you can afford. As well as manage on your own.Learn More

Technical Support

Looking to increase the speed of your laptop? Has a virus taken hold? Need to upgrade your equipment? AP Tech can help diagnosis the issue and have you back up and running. Learn More

AP Tech Services
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